Adoptable Medium Up-to-date with routine shots

PLEASE PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER WITH YOUR INQUIRY. Note: preference will be given to working/herding situations, ranches, farms, large acreages, horseback homes, and agility/trial homes. No apartment or condo living

9/9/19 BEND, OREGON Benny, who is about 13 weeks old. From a ranch in Northern California. He appears to be a healthy and happy boy.

“Gentle Ben” is very laid back and loves to cuddle. But he is a sho’ nuff stock dog and will need a good rural home with lots of room to explore and a job to do in order to be happy. Benny will not be good in urban environs without outlets to let his herding instincts to be satisfied.

He is up to date on his shots, has been wormed, chipped, had his nails clipped, and has been vet inspected. He is being raised around horses, a dog-savvy cat, older dogs and has sheep and cattle next door. He even got to enjoy a long weekend horse camp out in the forest where he could explore to his heart’s content. There were no signs of car-sickness during transport and he settled quietly into his crate.

The adoption fee for this pup is $400 which includes a “goody bag,” it’s medical records and a free wellness exam from one of our local vet partners. In addition, there is a REFUNDABLE $200 alter deposit which is returned after proof of neutering or spaying before the age of nine months. For more information contact Herd U Needed A Home Canine Rescue at 541-647-4080 or Fill out our application form here: