Adoptable Medium Up-to-date with routine shotsPrefers No Cats

PLEASE PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER WITH YOUR INQUIRY. Note: preference will be given to working/herding situations, ranches, farms, large acreages, horseback homes, and agility/trial homes.

Meet “Cinch.” Cinch is a very handsome, four-month old Australian cattle dog pup. We seldom get what appears to be a pure-bred heeler puppy so if you’ve been waiting to snag yourself a rescue heeler then here’s your chance!

Why Cinch was given up is anybody’s guess. We sure cannot figure it out. Cinch is everything you could want in a blue heeler. In addition, he’s SUPER people friendly, so it’s obvious he’s been well-socialized. The word is that Cinch was underweight when he was initially put into rescue which manifested in some pretty intense food aggression when he arrived. Since then, he’s been able to fill his belly anytime he wants so that behavior has now melted away.

Cinch seems to like to fetch and retrieve a ball and he’s certainly playful with all the other pups. He has shown some initial belligerence to our dog-friendly young cat but that just may mean lack of exposure to kitties. It was nothing serious, but that type of behavior needs to nipped in the bud, pronto!

All you have to do is open a vehicle door and Cinch jumps right in, ready for any adventure! Cinch has already been out horse camping and had a grand time making the rounds begging treats and pets from everyone in the camp circle.

We will give preference to working situations, farms, ranches, an’ large acreages. Prior heeler experience or close mentorship is also strongly suggested. Heelers are not for everyone so you REALLY gotta know what you’re getting into when you open your life to one.

As a breed ACDs are incredibly physically tough and can tend towards hard-headedness. Generally, the are zealous watch dogs. They also tend to be one-person, “velcro” dogs and can be quite anti-social to other dogs and people outside their immediate “pack.” It all depends on how they are raised and the lineage. They have a natural inclination to nip at people’s heeles, so sometimes, ACDs are not the best “family” dogs. Be sure that you research this breed carefully before committing to living with a heeler. They are not for everyone and it is a major commitment of time & energy to raise one right. But once you taste that on-on-one loyalty of a heeler’s bond, all other breeds seem to be not very committed in their relationship to humans. You will never have a truer, more faithful friend that an Australian Cattle dog.

This dog is available through Herd U Needed A Home Rescue and currently lives near Bend, OR. Its adoption fee is $300. In addition, there is a REFUNDABLE $200 alter deposit to ensure that he gets neutered prior to 9 months of age. Please call 541-508-8271 or e-mail for more information. PLEASE PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER AND E-MAIL SO THAT WE MAY REACH YOU. To get an application form for this dog visit