Adoptable Medium Up-to-date with routine shots

8/14/19 Ranch dog perfection! Meet “Wrangler” and “Levi,” the Denim Brothers! They are rescue dogs No. 275 & 276 that have come to us here at The HouseTop Ranch. Word is that they were born around June 10 and come from a ranch out by Burns, Oregon. The mix is supposed to be border collie, kelpie & heeler. One thing’s fer sure—they are all stock dog!

These cuties are currently enjoyin’ themselves camping up in the Ochoco Mountains where they are learning about the great, big world out there. They are happily munchin’ on horse an’ cow turds, grasshoppers, sticks, and alfalfa pellets while explorin’ further and further from camp everyday. Not much scares these lil’ scamps— not even big ol’ angus cows and calves that wander by.

These boys have had their first shots, have been wormed and are chipped. They have been very-well socialized to two-leggeds and other dogs. Like all ranch-bred dogs they are smart, lively, and active. Stock dogs really do best when they have some sort of job to do EVERY DAY—not just weekends, even if its just horseback riding, supervising chores around the farm, agility sports, or real cow or sheep herding work. These pups will not do well in a small, urban yard where they get walked around the block once a day.

The adoption fee for each boy is $400 which includes a “goody bag,” his medical records and a free wellness exam from one of our local vet partners. In addition, there is a 200.00 REFUNDABLE alter deposit which is returned after proof of neutering before the age of nine months. For more information contact Herd U Needed A Home Canine Rescue at 541-647-4080 or hunahapps@gmail.com. Fill out our application form here: http://herduneededahome.com/hunah-dog-adoption-application…/ ~ctb

PLEASE PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER WITH YOUR INQUIRY. Note: preference will be given to working/herding situations, ranches, farms, large acreages, horseback homes, and agility/trial homes.
No apartment or condo living

There is a 200.00 REFUNDABLE spay/neuter deposit

All stock dogs need lots of mental and physical stimulation to be happy and to stay out of trouble. A short walk around the block is not going to be sufficient. Herding breeds do best when they have a ”job” to do which occupies most of their day. This can be herding livestock, horseback riding, hiking in the mountains or on the beach, mountain biking, playing extended games of fetch, or agility games. They are incredibly smart and love to learn tricks and solve problems. Be sure that you research this breed carefully before committing to living with a herding dog.