Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Merle is 3 yrs old weighs about 45lbs
Notes from his foster…
He likes to chase a ball,
He likes affection but can also be a bit more independent
Gets along with other dogs
Very sweet!

PLEASE PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER WITH YOUR INQUIRY. Note: preference will be given to working/herding situations, ranches, farms, large acreages, horseback homes, and agility/trial homes. Experience with heelers or handling under guidance of a close mentor is preferred.
Please no apartment or condo living…

All stock dogs need lots of mental and physical stimulation to be happy and to stay out of trouble. A short walk around the block is not going to be sufficient. ACDs thrive best when they have a ”job” to do which occupies most of their day. This can be herding livestock, horseback riding, hiking in the mountains or on the beach, mountain biking, playing extended games of fetch, or agility games. As a breed they are incredibly smart and love to learn tricks and solve problems. Be sure that you research this breed carefully before committing to living with an ACD.

As a breed ACDs are incredibly physically tough and can tend towards hard-headedness. Be sure that you research this breed carefully before committing to living with a heeler. They are not for everyone and it is a major commitment of time and energy to raise one right. But once you taste that on-on-one loyalty of a heeler’s bond, all other breeds seem to be not very committed in their relationship to humans. You will never have a truer, more faithful friend that an Australian Cattle dog.

This dog is available through Herd U Needed A Home Rescue and currently lives near Bend, OR. Please call 541-647-4080 or e-mail for more information. PLEASE PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER SO THAT WE MAY REACH YOU. To get an application form for this dog visit