Golden Retriever - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Molly came from Taiwan in August…

For only the last 3 months, I’ve been taking her for walks with my other dog. She loves it, and clearly looks forward to it. She has slipped her harness a few times, but has always come back to me and let me leash her again. If she feels unsure while we’re out, she walks next to me. She doesn’t react to other people or dogs as long as they don’t try to interact with her; she’ll move away from people, and lift a lip if a dog gets too chummy; she’s snapped at a couple of puppies, but it was just a warning. About 3 weeks ago I took a risk and let her off leash in a fenced dog park. She stays within sight of me, doesn’t interact with other dogs or people, and comes to me when it’s time to put her leash on. If other dogs seem aggressive or she’s afraid of something my other dog or I will put ourselves between Molly and the other, and she’ll stay close to us. A week ago I let her off leash at a big grassy school yard that my neighborhood uses as a dog park; she was used to the space, the dogs, and the people because we go there almost every day, and she has been great about coming to me. She does know her name. She runs occasionally and mostly just sniffs around.

She mostly eats at night in her crate when everyone else is asleep, or when the other dog and I are gone during the day. I was crating her at night and she will go to bed–she likes routines. I’ve started letting her stay out because she’s 100% house trained now.


Carrie Koepke
Adoption Specialist
Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon