Border Collie - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium


**Courtesy listing- please contact the owner directly**

Sadey is a 7 year old Border Collie. Black and white coloring. Dark orange eyes. She is very active and needs space and room to move. She requires exercise daily for her active disposition. She wants to work and be active! She is very healthy with up to date vaccinations and vet record.

Sadey was rescued 7 years ago from a shelter after initially being abandoned by her first family. Her initial family did not know she was a BC and thought she was a “collie” mix. She was adopted from Glen Highland farm rescue in Spring of 2013 by my wife and I. Initially Sadey was a very affectionate pup with little to no training and no recall. She was unable to be off leash and hyperactive. I was able to train her off-leash and she is very responsive and happy to work off leash now. She loves to hike, and particularly loves chasing squirrel and chipmunks. Any rodent. Outside – without hardcore exercise – Sadey can be destructive – digging holes, stripping trees of bark, biting fences. We are active and she goes out to the Sandy River Delta a few times a week for serious running. She is inclined to chase skateboards. She does not destroy clothes shoes etc…

Sadey is mellow inside and settles down to relax when given the opportunity. She does guard her food a bit. She dominates our older Aussie and he is happy to let her be boss. They are fed in separate rooms. She is not to be trusted around children or cats. She is wary of strangers and may give a warning nip – though initially with any nice dog-person she will show affection and wag tail excitedly etc. But upon being petted by most strangers lacking confidence she will nip – not attack. An experienced dog person will push through this phase very quickly. She is so eager to please and loves attention.

Unfortunately in our life – we have a fairly small house and yard in Portland (SE), and we have a 3.5 year old child with busy and busier schedules. As our young one continues to bravely set foot out into our yard and house independently, we are running into real problems. Sadey will stalk and when left alone will get close to nipping or biting our child. Our child is never left ALONE but we are feeling like we we are one momentary lapse away from a bad accident. We love Sadey and we didn’t think or expect to have children. We are firm now in our resolve to find her a new home. We are however absolutely certain that we have a good sense of what that household could look like and we don’t want to give her up until we are sure she will find love and attention and the space she needs. We feel like she would be best in a home without small children, and with some real room to move. I don’t know if older Border’s can be trained to work, but she would love to be out following someone into the field for a workday.

Please contact Jeff at 401-500-2051