Border Collie - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Prefers No DogsPrefers No Kids


**Courtesy Listing – please contact the owner directly**

Meet Tory! She is a 6 year-old female border collie and is about 30 lbs. Tory has been chipped and spayed, is up to date on all her shots and is house trained. She is a very spunky, typical border collie and is exceptionally smart- she is even trained to fetch slippers and a beer out of the fridge! We have had Tory since she was 8 weeks old and love her dearly but unfortunately she does not love our one year old twins. She recently snarled and tried to nip one of my sons and I am worried it could be worse next time. She is very affectionate with us, has never shown aggression towards adults and tries to “win over” everyone she meets. She is a great running and hiking companion, loves car rides, heels well on leash and has excellent recall off leash.

Tory also doesn’t do well interacting with other dogs- she is totally fine to pass them on the side walk or hiking trail, but is not very tolerant if they approach her. She does however get used to dogs that she sees frequently and can coexist. Although she shows some dominate behavior to our other dog, an 11 year-old Weimaraner. She hasn’t had much experience with cats, but anticipate she would be ok with one in the home.

Although Tory still gets a lot of exercise outside, including off leash trail runs daily, she does spend most of the day in her crate while the babies are awake and it would be more fair to her if there is a family with no small children that would love to have her. Priority will be given to households with a lot of space and to someone with a very active lifestyle with a passion for the breed. No first-time dog owners and preferably no other dogs in the house.

Tory lives in Bend, Oregon and we are asking a $200 adoption fee, which includes her medical records, and her necessities- bed, crate, leash, collar, etc. For more information please contact Leslie at 952-484-0871 or