Border Collie - Young - Male
Adoptable Medium

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Winter is a 1 yr old bc. He is a loveable energetic lap dog. Sadly he comes off as aggressive to new people, because sadly he wasn’t properly trained socially around other people. With the people he’s around consistently he’s perfect with, myself, husband and 2 kids, and when my parents come over he adores them especially my step dad. We also have 3 cats he loves and loves to chase, but he’s very gentle with him. My girl cat and him play Patty cake with each other while she’s on the counter. No aggression between either. Winter is very protective, and Leary of other people especially in our home. Dogs have come up to him off a leash and he’s been fine. He is stressed because I have not been able to give him the exercise he needs. I adore this dog, he’s absolutely amazing and just needs a lot of training, he is a project dog. And I believe very much, that once he is worked with his aggression will stop. Also, he is not fixed, he is getting fixed on the 31st. Hopefully that will help him. I’m asking you to please help me help Winter. Help him in ways I couldn’t, and find him a loving home. Euthanasia is not an option for him, he has so much more to offer. I am moving into an apartment in March. So I’m short on time. Would someone be willing to take in and train a border collie because he is trainable. I have no funds for a trainer.

Could we set up a time to chat on the phone? My number is 541-217-5400.