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Border Collie History

The Border Collie is descended from landrace collies, a type found widely in the British Isles. The name for the breed came from its probable place of origin along the Scottish English borders.

Mention of the "Collie" or "Colley" type first appeared toward the end of the 19th century, although the word "collie" is older than this and has its origin in Lowland Scots dialects. Many of the best Border Collies today can be traced back to a dog known as
Old Hemp.

In 1915, James Reid, Secretary of the
International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) in the United Kingdom first used the term "Border Collie" to distinguish those dogs registered by the ISDS from the Kennel Club's Collie (or Scotch Collie, including the Rough Collie and Smooth Collie) which originally came from the same working stock but had developed a different, standardised appearance following introduction to the show ring in 1860 and mixture with other breeds.

My Mission Statement

My Name is Flora, 
when I was 8 years old a Border Collie came into my life and forever changed my world.

As an adult I am passionate about finding the right dog for right owner. We mainly work with herding type breeds, but we also rescue other breeds. If you are looking for a great forever friend we will try our best to match you with that dog.

There is a huge need for loving homes. We have wonderful dogs awaiting homes. It is a match making process. We have people contact us who have the right home, but don't know where to
look. It is important the dog and the new owner are matched correctly. Once we meet the dog and the potential adopters, I get to work trying to find the best fit. It is a connection of the perfect dog
for the right home. Herding dogs come in all shapes, sizes and color. They may have short, medium or long hair. Some are more energetic and some are more socialized.

Our dogs come from all over the united states. They all have their own story. When we receive a dog here at our rescue they are given a clean bill of health before being adopted. They are spayed and neutered, vaccinated and receive all veterinary needs.

If you have a dog and are in need of placing one, contact us. We have a waiting list of approved adopters. There is also the possibility of fostering a dog. We like to offer dog owners this option. Our organization will try to help you place your dog in a loving home as soon as possible. All dogs are placed in approved homes only.

There are a lot of herding dogs out there ready to change your life for the better.We offer training assistance for any adopters. If you have any questions we are here to help!