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Owner listed dogs have not been temperament tested by HUNAH. Please contact the owner directly.

Courtesy Listing for PAX!

We are urgently looking to rehome or foster our furball, Pax, after prior arrangements did not work out. Can anyone help foster or adopt or knows someone who knows someone? Pax is sweet and well-trained, but shows a strong herding instinct. We adopted Pax owner-to-owner and discovered that he is solely focused on one person with us. He boarded with friends who are a couple and did better with them, so we think he is adaptable if he gets equal attention and rewards for protecting both early and often. He would do best with a single owner or a couple that accepts rank order.
Unfortunately for us, he has already engrained an order of importance and we are unable to correct his behavior. Pax is tenacious about his boundaries and does not like to be pet by strangers. He does not like kids, will ignore them on walks. We found him to be anxious in new places, but then proudly owning them after a while. He does well with routine and will remind you of the habits you introduce (like drying his paws before entering the house). He does great in the dog park and on trail runs. He does not like fast-moving noisy items like vacuums and lawn mowers, but he’s fine with the rumba and gets used to lesser noises. He does well on leash, knows how to heel, and he is a smart fast learner. It helps that he is very food motivated. We taught him new tricks in a short amount of time. Pax is 3.5 years old, neutered and UTD on all his health workups. He will be forever grateful for your love. Please let us know any questions!    Pax is located in the Seattle area.  If you are interested in Pax, email Nina  at           denina.hospodsky@gmail.com

Courtesy Listing for LEO !

Meet Leo.  This beautiful boy is a 5 year old Aussie mix, weighing approx. 80lbs.  Leo is neutered and will be brought up to date on vaccinations.  Leo has shown aggression toward another male dog in the house but did okay with female dogs.  He has done well with cats but has no experience with other animals.
Leo’s household has undergone a change the last few years; there is now a toddler and another child on the way.  He is very nervous about this situation and barks at the toddler. With another child on the way, his family made the decision to find him a better situation, a home without small children.  He is house and crate trained.
Leo is located in Tacoma, WA If you are interested in meeting Leo, please contact Kaitlyn      kaitlyn.tritt@yahoo.com

Courtesy Listing for PATRICK!

There is a young (10 months-1 year) neutered male, black and white Cattle dog/Heeler Mix type dog in the care of the Weiser animal control  He is reported to be great with people and does well with other dogs and is very high energy. He came in as a stray on 3-11-2024 after he was found chasing chickens.  He has not had anybody claim him and is looking for a new lease on life.
The shelter is almost out of space and trying to get this boy a fresh start.   He is called Patrick.  His weight is estimated to be 30 pounds.  He is neutered but being a stray, vaccination status is unknown so he will need vaccinations.  He has not shown aggression toward dogs but does chase chickens.

Unknown if he’s house trained of crate trained.  He is located in Weiser, ID   If you are able to give this beautiful boy a second chance, please reach out to Officer Kori Rex   krex180@weiserpolice.net

Located in Weiser, Idaho – transport can be arranged


Courtesy Listing for LEO !

Are you looking for a loyal companion to join your family? Meet Leo, a charming Border Collie mix in need of a new loving home.
Leo is a handsome and affectionate pup who thrives on human companionship. He’s incredibly intelligent, with a playful spirit and a heart full of love. However, due to changes in our family dynamics, we’re sadly unable to give Leo the attention and care he deserves.
Leo is a wonderful watchdog, but his protective nature means he can be vocal, especially in open spaces. With a baby on the way, we’ve realized that Leo’s tendency to bark at passersby throughout the day may not be ideal for our current living situation.
Leo also requires a certain amount of tender loving care, including regular exercise, mental
stimulation, and affection. While we’ve done our best to meet his needs, we understand that with
the arrival of our newborn, we won’t be able to provide Leo with the attention and TLC he
We are seeking a responsible and loving family who can give Leo the time, attention, and space
he needs to thrive. He would do best in a home with a secure yard where he can play and explore
safely. Leo is great with people and children, and good with other dogs and cats but may need
some time to adjust to his new surroundings.
If you’re interested in welcoming Leo into your home and heart, please reach out to us. We
believe he has so much love to give and deserves a forever family who can cherish him as much
as we do.
Leo is in great health, is neutered, and is about 7 years old. We’d be happy to provide any guidance and support needed to ensure a smooth transition for Leo into his new home. Not asking a rehoming fee, but will be very selective about who we rehome him to.
Thank you for considering opening your home to Leo. Together, we can give him the happy and fulfilling life he deserves. 🐾❤️
Located in Central Oregon (Bend/Redmond area)
Contact: Paris   541-610-5800          paris.draheim@gmail.com



Courtesy Listing for CHUBBS!

Chubbs is a great dog. We haven’t found anything we don’t love other than he has a tendency to be on the neurotic side with another dog he was raised with. He has not shown any tendencies with other dogs other than her. We have a male heeler that is always on the fight with Chubbs. No matter what he will always go after him if they are out at the same time. Chubbs never fights back; he just tries to get away. He has never shown aggression towards anything. He’s very happy go lucky kind of dog. Very active but will lay down and relax as well.

He is 1.5-years-old, neutered, vaccinated and about 50 lbs.   Chubbs is a blue Border Collie that we have had since he was a puppy.  He will chase cats but has never hurt one.  He like kids and has been great with them.  House trained and crate trained.  He likes to be outside.  Chubbs is in Burns, Oregon.  Please send any questions about Chubbs to Laura at         rosie_kid328@hotmail.com






Courtesy Listing for Tonka!

Looking for your next agility partner?  Tonka is a 3-year-old border collie and we’ve had him since 8 weeks old. He’s neutered and AKC registered although I’ll have to do some searching to find his papers if someone wants them too.  He needs a home with no small children as he has nipped at them in play, never out of aggression but he gets overly excited and almost can’t control himself and ends up nipping the kids hands. If left alone around horses he will herd them. We own a horse boarding facility and can’t have him herding boarders’ horses and nipping their children. It’s not a safe situation for him or the horses and kids.
He’s great on a leash, loves hiking, has an amazing recall, loves to play fetch and frisbee. He loves going for car rides. He is good with other dogs. He’s been around the chickens, goats, cows and cats with no issues (he did herd the free range chickens and just kept them all together but there was never any nipping or biting). He is crate trained and house trained. He no longer needs the crate but one can come with him because he does really love napping in one. He would be great for fly ball, dock diving, agility, search and rescue and much more.
He needs a home where he’ll have his own person, someone to love him unconditionally and a home where he can have more freedom. If we can’t find him the perfect home, then he will stay with us. Tonka is located in Creswell, Or If you are interested in Tonka, call   541-357-1437. Ask for Riley Zwicker


Courtesy Listing for Barnaby!

Barnaby is looking for someone to give him a second chance to bring some canine companionship your way. Barnaby is estimated to be about 18 months old. 

He weighs about 45#, not neutered and likely not UTD on shots. He is a very small shelter that holds dogs a short while then euthanizes them if not adopted. No aggression noted toward other dogs, friendly. Friendly with people, unknown behavior with children, unknown behavior with livestock, cats, chickens, etc. Unknown if he is crate or house-trained.

Contact Rebecca Rmartell@pacbell.net for more info on Barnaby!