Paws For Thoughts



We wanted to update you on Junie. She has been doing really well and we are totally in love with her. We attached a few pics, she continues to teach us about who she is and is such a lover. We wanted to make sure to show well Junie is doing. Thanks for all your help,



Rory and I Circled Mt. Hood on a restored Trail 600.

We used the belay harness at first–and it was needed–until Rory made it pretty clear by the beginning of day three she didn’t need it. She crossed rivers, balanced on logs, and bouldered as if she decided to teach the rest of us something. Amazing!

I understand the term “heeler” now. I was the turtle in the group–but also the smart guide–and Rory was always at my heel.

Last night was a one-dog night. We kept each other warm under the stars. Otherwise, she slept on a down coat, and just right, so I could cover her at night. We endured rain last Tuesday and 20 mh wind gusts confronting Gnarl Ridge. You should have seen her when we hit the glaciers–the happiest dog I’ve ever seen.

Rory is so cool passing people on trail. A simple sniff to say hello, and she moves on. She’s usually off leash, but I let her drag it, too.

Several folks on trail asked where I got my dog. I told them. And I told them how rigorously you vet.

Until then, we cruise Rocky Butte and neighborhood green spaces here in Portland.

Rory will be 3 y/o October. 27.

Thank you for trusting me with this amazing (and at first troublesome) rescue.

blue-at-pc-2016Blue loves everything about life now.  She is a snuggler, a constant companion and is even learning to run and play at the beach.  We couldn’t love her more.


Colton won over the hearts of the Phillips here in Bend!


Bluey now Zoey is happily jogging right down the road with my neighbor! Congratulations on your new fur-baby!sie


Spur was snapped up by his fur ever home right Here in bend! (from his new owner) “Here we are on our river trail walk this morning! We are calling him Lucca, kind of in honor of our heeler Lucy. Thank you for everything