Our dogs come from everywhere! Some are happy, healthy pets that come from homes that just couldn’t handle the high energy and exercise demands of a typical herding dog. Others have stories of neglect and abuse that are quite sad. Every dog has their own story. When we accept a dog, the first thing we do is a full examination with a local veterinarian. We ensure that they are spayed or neutered, and are brought to current on all of their shots. If we find the dog has physical or health concerns, we ensure those problems are addressed before we make the dog available for adoption. We want to be sure that the dog you adopt is ready and rarin’ to go from day one! For those who feel they need some special support, we also offer training assistance for adopters.

If you have a dog that isn’t working out for you, contact us. Our organization will help you place your dog in a loving home as quickly as possible. If you wish to place your dog with us for adoption, and the dog meets our standards, we will happily accept them and find them a new home. We insist that any dog we accept have absolutely no history of biting. We suggest a processing fee of $100 for placements to cover our costs in preparing the dog for adoption, but if you are unable to afford the fee, please contact us and we will still do our best to assist you should you need to surrender your dog.