Adoption Process

35672073_1.jpgOur Adoption Process 

There is a huge need for loving homes for rescued dogs. We always have wonderful dogs who are awaiting placement in a permanent home. Dog adoption is a match-making process: it is very important that the dog and the new owner are correctly matched. All of our dogs are placed in approved homes only. We have a waiting list of approved adopters.

The first step for you is to fill out our Adoption Application on this web site. This will get the process started. Until we see your completed application we cannot begin working with you to find a new pet for you.

The application is lengthy and detailed. Every question in it is intentional and important. The more complete your application is the higher the likelihood is that we will contact you and begin working with you to help you find your new pet. In particular, please be sure your references and veterinarian know that we are going to be calling them, and that you have given us their correct telephone numbers.

We do have an adoption fee that covers all of the costs associated with making your dog ready for adoption, including the administrative costs associated with running a large and successful rescue and adoption program like ours.

Don’t delay! Get the process started! There are a lot of herding dogs out there ready to change your life for the better!

Adoption Application