floraFlora Steffan
Executive Director

Growing up Flora watched many un-wanted dogs suffer the consequences of unfathomable human behavior. She began training dogs, studying behavior issues, and trying to make a difference. Nearly 30 years ago a Border collie puppy was dumped on her porch which changed her world. The dog’s name was Guess, and she was the most amazing Border collie ever! Flora thought if amazing dogs like Guess could be dumped or un-wanted, why not start a rescue for herding dogs? She decided that she would try to change things one dog at a time, and help great dogs find great homes. Since then it has been her life’s passion to focus on rescuing the herding breeds. She has been able to rehabilitate hundreds of herding dogs in need over the years. Herd U Needed a Home Rescue is now the place where people call when they want to surrender their herding dog, when the shelters are full or unplanned pregnancies happen. She loves what she does and hopes to continue to rescue for many more years to come. She is a true voice for the voiceless.

Tammy Buell
Executive Assistant

Horses and dogs have always been Tammy’s greatest passion! Since 2008 she has been involved with rescue and has been with Hunah since 2015. Tammy and her husband and have 3 dogs, 2 of which are Hunah dogs. They are avid mountain bikers and love nothing more than to bring their dogs on the trails with them for long rides!